Visitor FAQ

1. What kind of church is Faith Baptist Church?
Faith Baptist Church is an independent fundamental baptist church.
2. Which Bible does the pastor and teachers use at Faith Baptist Church?
The pastor and teachers only use the King James (KJV) Bible.
3. Who is the Pastor and where was he schooled?
The Pastor of Faith Baptist Church is Richard H. Jones. Pastor Jones was schooled at Piedmont Baptist College. He received his Bachelor of Theology degree in 1975 and his Master's degree in 1997.
4. Who founded Faith Baptist Church and when?
Faith Baptist Church was founded in October 1982 with Pastor Jones as its founding pastor.
5. What kind of music is used in the services at Faith Baptist Church?
Faith Baptist Church uses traditional, Christ-honoring music.
6. Is the church handicap accessible?
The church does provide a handicapped accessible entry as well as greeters that will be able to assist you. If you or a loved one requires assistance getting into or out of the church, please approach one of our greeters at the main entrance and they will be happy to help you.